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Sunflowers, pumpkins, gourds, and more! At Tidewater Farm, we are committed to creating a sustainable farm with crops and produce that you and your families can enjoy. Take a look at what's growing this year!

Sunflowers! The sunflower could possibly be the “happiest” of flowers. The face conveniently resembles the sun and the petals, also known as “rays,” can’t help but radiate warmth and cheer. 


Last summer we were able to plant 4 acres of Sunflowers at the end of May that provided hundreds of blossoms in August. This year the blooms are uncertain as we have had very dry days. We will plant another round and pray for some rain!

Pumpkins. The sure sign that fall is in the air. This scrumptious gourd serves a multitude of purposes. They can create an inviting front porch, fill our tables with delectable dishes, and meet our vitamin and nutrient needs. Pumpkins have the ability to bring families and friends together as they carve their favorite faces and create unending memories.


Year 1 - We planted over 1,600 seeds were able to host 3 pumpkin patches! We also sold them at our roadside stand, and we able to donate to the Wounded Warriors Project with a percentage of the proceeds. 

Year 2 - We planted 3 new varieties of pumpkins and a host of gourds in late June and are hopeful to have a patch full this coming fall. 


Join us in the Spring at our farm stand where we will have the best of what's growing available for purchase.

Farm-to-table is important to us here at Tidewater Farm and we want to help more families enjoy clean eating by welcoming the community to come and purchase our freshly grown fruits and vegetables.


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